Indigenous language of origin: Cree

Name Meaning: Pays respect to the Thunderbird. This ward, from an aerial view, is shaped like a pihêsiw (thunderbird) and contains a ceremonial site.

Pronunciation: Pee-hay-soo-win

Edmonton has been a gathering place for Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. iyiniw iskwewak wihtwawin—Edmonton’s Committee of Indigenous Matriarchs—has gifted traditional names to honour these sacred places in Edmonton and to preserve our shared history for future generations.

NorQuest College remains committed to reconciliation and to bringing civic awareness to the ongoing impacts of colonization that are distinct to Indigenous peoples and communities. The Indigenous Signature Line is our way of continuing to share this important part of history.

Proceeds from your t-shirt sale will go towards NorQuest’s Indigenous Legacy Access Bursary to support and improve access to post-secondary education for Indigenous peoples and to create future generations of Indigenous learners and leaders.


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