Vagina + Vulva Plush


Same ol' vagina plush with a fun new feature: you can stash stuff in your snatch! Carry your tampons, your pain meds, birth control, vibrator, snacks... or whatever else your vulva needs! What will you put in there? Who doesn't need extra vaginal storage? This hilarious hoo-ha zip pouch draws awareness to a variety of health issues, including reproduction, sexual health, reproductive rights, contraception, pregnancy, childbirth, vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC), episiotomy and all the ridiculous reproductive stuff going on post-partum. Need to talk about where babies come from? This happy vulva+vagina helps give “the talk” and reduces health class cringes. Gynecological info included! Drop the knowledge and then keep your notes in your vagina!

I HEART GUTS vagina+vulva plush zipper pouch 9.5" tall x 7" wide x 4" thick.

This vagina is for ages 3+ only.

Handmade in China at an ethically certified factory.

Polyester fabric and plastic zipper.