We buy books from you.

Buy Back Program

Title ISBN Buyback Amont
Inquiry into Biology 9780070960527 $55.00
Inquiry into Chemistry 9780070960510 $55.00
Interpersonal Relationships, 1st edition 9780323763660 $45.00
Perspectives on Ideology  9780195427769 $70.00
PSYCH, 5th edition 9780176945701 $40.00
Science Focus 10 9780070890862 $90.00

What is a buyback program?

If your textbook is on the buyback list, we will buy it back from you for the price listed.

I am not sure if the condition of my book will qualify for the buyback program?

The books MUST be in gently used condition.


  • Little highlighting
  • Book Binding in good condition
  • No written notes in/on textbook
  • Book Cover with slight wearing


Not Acceptable:

  • Heavy highlighting
  • Ripped Pages
  • Damaged book binding
  • Handwritten notes throughout
  • Damaged Book Cover


If unsure if your book qualifies as acceptable, feel free to send several pictures to to ask. We reserve the right to refuse the book if the condition does not meet our requirements.

How do I book an appointment for buyback?

Visit The Core during our business hours to complete the buyback transaction.

What if the textbook is the same title but a different ISBN#?

Textbooks must have matching information with title, edition# and ISBN# to qualify for a buyback program.

Will I get cashback for the buyback program?

We do not carry or use cash so please make sure that you bring a Visa, Visa Debit or Mastercard.

What if I have more questions?

Email with additional questions.
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