Sponsored Students

Sponsored student?

If your tuition and textbooks are paid for by a third party sponsor, email thecore@norquest.ca with the following information:  

  • Full name
  • Student ID

Once this information is received, we will send you a unique link to order on our website. 

Important information to keep in mind:

  • Think of this like online shopping, you find the items you need, add to your cart and checkout.
  • If it is your first time ordering online, check out the FAQ section to learn how to get access to your booklists.
  • When you get to the payment options, choose “sponsored” and input your student i.d. information.
  • You can choose pickup your order and shipping it out.
  • Keep in mind your sponsors will only cover books and supplies required for your registered courses. Therefore, if you add items outside of these criteria, your order will not be processed.