What are the Bookstore's store hours and locations?
Our NorQuest bookstore is open from 8am – 4:30PM Monday to Friday. We are currently not offering an in-person shopping experience due to COVID-19 and all of our orders are being fulfilled via shop.norquest.ca. We offer shipping or curbside pickup options.

What are the shipping rates?
Edmonton and surrounding areas: $10.00 All other locations: $20.00

What are acceptable payments on the website?
We accept VISA credit card, Mastercard and VISA Debit.

What is a sponsored student?
A sponsored student is when your tuition and textbooks are paid for by a third party. For example: Advancing Futures, WCB or various indigenous bands. Alberta Works is different from sponsored student. A student can apply for Alberta Works funding and if approved, you will receive a deposit into your bank account that include a portion for textbooks. Some students choose to wait for the funding while others will have to paid for the textbooks and materials upfront.
If you are a sponsored student, please review the required books and for the specific course code then email to thecore@norquest.ca with the following information:

Full name
Student ID
Phone number
A complete list of your required book selections

Please note that most sponsors do not cover the cost of shipping. If this is the case, you have to paid separately with a credit card. Curbside pickup is free of charge.

What is the average turnaround time until online orders are either shipped out or are ready for pick-up?
On average, it will take 1-2 business days to have the order ship out or ready curbside pickup. You will receive email notification with tracking information when an order is shipped. For curbside pickup, an email notification to book an appointment when the order is picked and ready.

Please note that during busy intake periods, the turnaround time could be longer. Also, keep in mind orders placed on after our normal business hours (Monday - Friday) will be fulfilled when we re-open again.

Do you offer Curbside pick-up for my online order?
Curbside pickup for web-orders will be available on campus only, Monday to Friday, by appointment only. Once an order is picked and ready for pickup, an email will be sent to notify with the calendar link to book your appointment. The main entrance is located at Singhmar Centre for Learning.

What is your return process for books and general merchandise?
Our refund and exchange policy is 14 days with receipt and all purchases must be returned in original condition, unworn, unopened. Please complete the Return/Exchange form and the request will be review by a team member.

International payment and shipping
Our website will accept international credit cards - VISA and Mastercard. However, before you make the purchase, you might need to contact your local bank to ensure your credit card can be used for an international transaction and the bank will process the payment when requested. We can assist with international shipping of physical textbooks, please email thecore@norquest.ca and provide details of the books you would like to purchase and the shipping address. We will work with you to arrange the shipment. Please note that international shipping could include customs taxes and it is your responsibility to pay for the charges.

Different Buying Options
Depending on the courses and availability, we will offer different buying options such as:

  • New physical textbooks that can be purchased directly with the Bookstore.
  • "Buy from Partner" is an option to purchase physical book from Login, an e-affiliate store partner. If you choose this option, payment and delivery will be completed by Login. If you have questions after you place your order then reach out to Login directly for assistance.
  • Used textbooks purchased directly with the Bookstore.
  • Digital eBook purchased directly with the Bookstore with access codes for redemption.
  • Lastly, there could be an external link provided to purchase directly with a publisher.

What is “Buy from our Partners”?
The Bookstore is partnering with Login, one of the largest Canadian distributors of books, as a purchasing option for learners. The reason for this partnership is to ensure both the Bookstore and Login will have sufficient inventory level to fulfill orders. If the Bookstore run out of inventory then learners can easily order from our partner without having to wait for Bookstore to replenish the inventory. The prices are the same as the Bookstore.

Login offer competitive shipping rates ($5.50/first book and $1.00/additional book) and good turn around on orders. At times, there is promotion for free shipping. Please note Login accept PayPal as their form of payment. You can use the guest checkout option at PayPal if you do not have an account.

Please note that payment, shipment and returns/exchanges will be fulfilled by Login so if there are questions, please contact Login directly. Their email is orders@lb.ca and phone: 1 (800) 665-1148.

What is a difference between “required” and “suggested”?
Required textbooks are mandatory purchase as indicated by the program area as part of the course requirements. Whereas “suggested” is an optional purchase that learners can decide to purchase or not.

What is a skill kit and why do I need it?
Skill kits are course required supplies, selected by your program area to successfully complete your course. They meet the specific requirements with the correct components. Please note skill kits are a final sale.

What do the different checkout options mean?
Create an account: if you plan to regularly shop with us then it is recommended to create an account so your information is saved so you do not need to enter it again. Once you create an account with first order then for any subsequent order, you can use the option to “sign in” and use the email and password that you originally setup.
Customer Login: once you setup your account then any future purchases, chose the "customer login" information.
Sign in with your NorQuest Student Account: use your Moodle username and password instead of having to create a new account and password to remember.

How do I find the required books and supplies for my classes?
Each student can easily access a personalized course materials list based on the classes that they are enrolled in by simply by clicking on “My Course List”. On the NorQuest portal, enter your Moodle username and password. You are NOT required to type @norquest.ca.

If I don’t have a NorQuest username and password, can I still access my course information?
If you are a new student and have not complete the registration process, you can still search the individual courses by clicking on Select courses > choose term > students may search for the course (alphabetical order) or CTRL + F

Why is my book showing unavailable?
When a book is unavailable that means we are out of inventory. We will always provide options as to where to purchase the book if this happens. Most of the time, you can click on “Buy from our Partner” and will be redirected to Login to complete your purchase.

Why is the same textbook show up in more than one courses?
Some instructors will end up using the same textbook for multiple courses so if this happens, only buy the textbook once.

What is a “Digital eBook access code”?
When a book includes the description of “digital eBook access code”, this means it is a digital eBook that you are purchasing, not a physical. It is important to remember when purchasing digital eBook to ensure email address is entered correctly since the access code will be email to you.

After you complete the purchase, you receive an email with the access code, you need to follow the redemption process by clicking on "Redeem My Access Code" in your email. Please note that once you redeem your access code, it cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.

My digital eBook requires a “course key”, what does this mean?
There are some digital eBooks that require a unique course key that an instructor create that will have additional learning resources and other materials for students. The Bookstore do not keep the records of these course keys, please reach out to your instructor.

Why didn’t I get my ebook code?
If you purchased an ebook online and did not get an email with the code or the instructions on how to redeem them, there is a chance you accidently did not put in the correct email address. For learners, the email format is @mynorquest.ca but some use @norquest.ca instead. If this has happened to you, please reach out by either emailing thecore@norquest.ca or calling 780-644-6200 and we can help you get your code.

Problems with downloading eBook
The first step is to redeem the access code on our site by following this link.

Once you do that, download instructions and other access codes (if applicable) will follow. A reminder to ensure you use the same email account attached to the order. Follow the download instructions step-by-step, do not skip. If you run into trouble with your download, please contact Campus eBookstore for further technical support.