The Chrysalids

Item Information
Item#: 9780141038469
Author John Wyndham
Cover Paperback

Set in the future of a devasting global nuclear war. The Chrysalids is a philosophical tale with as much resonance today as it had when it was first written.

David Storm lives in a tight-knit community of religious and genetic fundamentalists; a group of people who exist in a state of constant alert for any deviation of what they believe to be the norm of God's creation. "Offenses" consist of plants and animals that are in any way unusual, and they are publicly burned to the accompaniment of the singing of hyms. "Blasphemies" are human beings who show any sign of abnormality, and they're banned from society. So when David realizeds that he is in the posession of a power that would label him a mutant, he is forced to keep it a secret and reckon with the idea of fleeing to the Badlands - a new world that could offer him either a death sentence or freedom.