Red Beet Root Face Scrub Mask (100Gr)

Item Information
Item#: 40057000990

Made by Edmonton local business, Ember.

Made with Honey & Sweet Almond oil & Wonderful for ALL skin types. We use Cranberry fibre and ground Cane Sugar for an ultra fine deep yet extremely gentle exfoliation.

  • Red Beet Root powder is packed with vitamin C, it helps replenish dead skin cells and promote collagen production. But that’s not all, we’ve added a powerhouse blend of essential oils...
  • Ylang Ylang Oil hydrates skin, treats acne, fades wrinkles improves tone and texture
  • Geranium oil balances the skins sebum production, evens skin tone, heals scars and kills bacteria that can lead to acne and eczema.
  • Rose Oil is packed with vitamins and minerals, it has emollient properties to moisturize dry skin, it acts as an anti-inflammatory to treat redness and irritated skin, and is also a great astringent.
  • Lavender Oil calms skin, reduces, redness and evens skin tone, helps to fight acne and prevents wrinkles.
  • Jasmine Oil balances Hormone helping balance skin oils without over drying, promotes a stable healthy glow, reduces signs of aging, helps with oily skin conditions and dry skin conditions and psoriasis.

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