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Foundations of Cooking

Curbside Lunch February 2nd,

Final order January 30th Midnight

  1. Pay for your lunch on CORE.
  2. Order your Tourtieres and pick up time on the link.


Tourtière is a Canadian meat pie dish originating from the province of Quebec, usually made with minced pork, veal or beef and potatoes.

Your Lunch:

Three Sisters Salad

Green beans, zucchini and grilled corn with crumbled duck eggs (optional) and a honey vinaigrette


Bison potato and sage Tourtiere with beet relish


Smoked salmon, sweet potato and dill 'Tourtiere' with beet relish


Mushroom, potato, wild rice (vegan and vegetarian) with beet relish

All selections can be ordered Gluten Free

Apple-Saskatoon crumble

with birch syrup sweetened creme fraiche (Gluten Free)

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